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In this section you will find replicas that have already been built. These represent an incredible amount of conviction and effort due to the massive undertaking that is required to build one of these cars. For anyone outside of Australia it begins with acquiring one of these cars from Australia and then gathering the rest of the components to modify it into an Interceptor. Before that can begin though there is the extensive amount of research that needs to be done for accuracy of the replica as well as finding sources for parts and information. Then there is also the repairs that usually need to be done to these cars before the body can be refinished.
The shortest amount of time known for building one is a special case of just over a month. Otherwise it could take 6 months or as is the case for most people a year or several years. It all depends on the person's resources and finances.
Click on the picture of the car you would like to see more pics of and the info about the car. I will be adding more as I get them.

Adrian Bennett


David Crane


Jon Veitch