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Jon Veitch was nice enough to contact me with pictures of his car. Jon's car can also be found around on the web. Jon is the second owner of this car, previously owned by Paul Miller.



In the center of the steering wheel you see a picture of Max's wife and son. This is accurate to the movie when Max is chasing down the motorcycle gang. There is a scene where you see Max cutting the wheel abruptly in order to turn the vehicle around and you see the picture in this shot.
Jon has a really nicely done interior with some custom accents to his own preference. Besides the diamond plate floormats and sill plate notice the controls mounted in the console.


Because you never get a real good look at the console in the movie, at least not without freeze framing the DVD, and even then the view is lacking, exactly what the console looks like on top is not seen. I like Jon's ideas on what could be there. The fact that the labelling appears silk screened onto the surface plate it gives it a real legitimate look.  
Jon also has the Aussie siren and PA sytem installed on his car.






Thanks Jon for all the great pictures of your car. I hope mine turns out this nice!