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How This Happened
Getting It Here
I Bought It
It Lands In The USA
It's here!
First Year Fun
So Now What?
Additional Parts
Latest News
Beginning Work
Window Removal
Metal Removal
Engine Removal
The Mad Max Interceptor
The Mad Max Movie
That Incredible Blower
Finished Replicas
XA to XC Falcons
Contact Me
My Wife's Incredible 1966 Mustang
My Custom Car Parts Company
Customizing Corner Message Board

In 1980 in the US a movie about a post-apocalyptic world was released in theaters. Filmed in Australia but with an American dubbed voice-over the film had a certain surrealness to it. Though the characters sounded like Americans the steering wheel on the cars was on the wrong side. Some of the cars looked familar but not quite right. What was it about this film?


Welcome to the Mad Max movie from my life perspective. These pages will deal with the movie as I experienced it and have been affected by it. There is already a definitive website about the film that is far more extensive than I could ever hope to provide here. For information on the film I suggest going to . For reading about my experience with it and why I am building this car click "Next" below.