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How This Happened
Getting It Here
I Bought It
It Lands In The USA
It's here!
First Year Fun
So Now What?
Additional Parts
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Beginning Work
Window Removal
Metal Removal
Engine Removal
The Mad Max Interceptor
The Mad Max Movie
That Incredible Blower
Finished Replicas
XA to XC Falcons
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My Wife's Incredible 1966 Mustang
My Custom Car Parts Company
Customizing Corner Message Board


Want to Talk Customizing?

If you or someone you know is into customizing your car or truck then stop in at my Customizing Corner message board!! We have sections on...

  • Engine Compartment Customizing
  • Interior Customizing
  • Body Customizing
  • Metal Fabrication and Welding
  • Answers to Your Machining Questions
  • Domestic Performance
  • Foreign Brand Performance
  • Supercharging
  • Nitrous Oxide

We just got the board up and running so you have a chance to get in on the ground floor and helps us make it the resource you are looking for! I hope to see you there!!