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On October 26th I pulled the engine out of the car. I was really anticipating doing this because it is a landmark step in progress and also I REALLY wanted to find out exactly what engine I got with the car. It was represented to be a 351 Cleveland and all the receipts that came with it pointed in that direction, but nothing actually gave a definitive indication of what the engine was.
I found on a great website about Australian Falcons (See Sandy Mercer's website here... Australian Ford Register UK ) that you can tell if you have the Australia only 302 Cleveland heads by looking for the two lugs at the bottom of the head that you see circled below...


This is in fact one of the heads on my engine. The reason I was hoping this would prove to be an accurate way of identifying the heads is because the Australian 302C heads are the best factory heads for the 351C as well. They have small, closed combustion chambers for better flame travel and efficiency, and also have better intake port and valve sizes for street performance. Compression with these heads is also typically high. 


Of course the first thing I did was drain the radiator and remove it. Then I started removing everything on the front of the engine. It was weird to see the power steering lines wrap all the way under the engine to the other side of the car where the steering gearbox is at.