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So after I agreed to accept this car it was purchased and put into storage until another car was ready to come to the USA as two cars fit into a container. These pictures are from when it was being stored. One of the really nice aspects of getting this car was getting pictures of it every step of the way.


There was one hitch that delayed the delivery of my car. That was the fact that it was purchased hundreds of miles from where the importer operates out of. Instead of hauling it back to Melbourne it was going to ship out of Brisbane, Australia. However this meant waiting until the importer purchased another vehicle in that area to share the container with my car, thereby keeping shipping costs to a minimum. I agreed to this and waited. Unfortunately it took from December 2003 to September 2004 until my car arrived. It shipped out of Australia in August. Fortunately that was at about the end of my patience as well. The trip to the USA typically takes in the ballpark of a month due to the ship stopping in other ports to pick up more shipments.