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How This Happened
Getting It Here
I Bought It
It Lands In The USA
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The Mad Max Movie
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I of course turned to the internet. You can find places that import cars from Australia to the USA. I will list some at the end of this section. Click on the pictures to see them full sized.
Many people have a hard time with the notion of purchasing a car "sight unseen". I feel I didn't do that because I received 50 pictures of my car before I made a determination if it was what I wanted. Here are a few pictures that I received. After I got them in email the importer and I looked at and reviewed them together on the phone.



As you can see I received pictures that include typical trouble spots such as the bottom of the rear quarters and in the doorjams. Below are some pictures of actual indications such as bodywork and rust. It is REALLY nice to get pictures of this stuff.