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How did I get started in all this?? I marvel at it all myself. Here is how I got in this situation...

When I saw Mad Max in it's original theatrical release here in the US in 1980 I immediately, like so many other teenage boys, fell in love with the black hotrod that Max drove in the latter part of the movie. Since the film was shot in Australia the vehicles in the movie had a certain"fantasy" element about them as they did not look like anything I had ever seen before and they were right hand drive. Also all the voices in the film had been dubbed over with American actor's voices. Because of this, at the ripe age of 16, I assumed that all the cars were specially made just for the film. The thought of ever having a car like that, as incredible as it was and regardless of how much I would have loved to have one, was pointless.

In 1986 Popular Hotrodding did an article on a guy in Australia, Bob Fursenko, who had found the original car that was used in the movie in a wrecking yard, salvaged it and restored it. I thought this was really cool. At least that special car had been saved. After all, as far as I knew it was the only one.

September of 2003 while driving home from work I thought to myself "It's been a long time since I've seen Mad Max, sure would be nice to see that movie again". The next morning when I awoke I rolled over and turned on the TV and sure enough Road Warrior was about to come on in 5 minutes. I thought that was pretty coincidental. After watching the movie I wondered what information was available online about the movies and the car. Little did I know that curiosity was about to change my future.

I typed "Mad Max" into a search engine and ultimately ended up, after several other places, at . This site is the current definitive site for Mad Max info. I was immediately attracted to the "History of the Interceptor" topic. There I read about the car that was used to make the Interceptor.....a production car that was mass produced. WOW! It was made from a production car which means the base car could still be around. As I read I saw how a person may be able to build their own replica if all the resources were there. Then I ran across a link in the article titled "building a replica". Oh my god! I clicked it and learned of all the resources that there are to build a replica. I figured before I even seriously consider taking on such a task that I would look into other resources that would be needed like repair parts for the car. I found several sources online where I could get replacement parts at a typical cost for such things as ball joints, tie rod end, brakes and the like. Then I looked into what a car would cost to purchase and ship to the US and what kind of condition the car would be in for the money. This too proved out to be within my reach. I came to an agreement with an importer and made the committment for him to go ahead and start searching for a car for me, and now it is in my garage.