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The single most captivating thing for me about the Interceptor is the blower. Not so much that it has one, I have seen plenty of cars with 6-71 Roots blowers on them, but until I saw Mad Max and not again until 2003 when I started doing research had I ever seen  the scoop that sits on top of it. It is part of the fuel injection set-up.


The fuel injection and the blower were actually non-functional dummies in the movie but certainly looked the part. In reality the fuel injection system sitting on top of the blower was a vintage Scott Superslot from the 1960's that was designed and manufactured for drag racing only. Mel Scott is the name of the man that engineered and produced this incredible marvel. It was a mechanical injection system that you purchased complete and it could run with either gasoline or alcohol.


One of the biggest questions for me was how did the design of the scoop ever come to be? It is so different from everything else on the market. The reply that I got from Mel Scott was that after he designed the low profile injectors a friend named Thomas Miller suggested that the original scoop designed for 2 barrel injectors be flattened out for use on the throttle body and he even made a few drawings of his idea. He wanted to take on the project so he was given the green light. The end result of his efforts sits atop the Scott Superslot injector! Besides the effectiveness of the design I think it was a cool way to let the competition know that you were running "something else" when it came to fuel injection.
This is the drawing of the 2 barrel fuel injector scoop that Mr. Scott drew for me for reference. Below that is a picture of the real thing which I later found on ebay!



One man was very curious about this historical system and started a website in an effort to find out if anyone had any info about it. He has an amazing story that ended up with two incredible outcomes. He got to speak at length with the man, Mel Scott himself, and since then the throttle body and scoop are now being reproduced with permission from Mel Scott and there is even a functional modern electronic fuel injected version that you can get for your hotrod. Coincidentally all this took place months before I got interested in building my own replica so you could say I hit the jackpot with timing there!
You can read the whole story at this website -------> Scott Superslot . There is also a biography to be found on Mel Scott at this site! The Mad Max replica community and vintage streetrodders owe a big bit of gratitude to Doug McQuillen. Thanks Doug!