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So what have I done since I've had it? One of the first things I did was to fabricate the shackles for the leaf springs that are on the Mad Max Interceptor. My springs were already tired all the way around, and the front springs had completely gone to sleep! I replaced the front springs with Torino big block springs in anticipation of the engine that will be in it one day but this raised the car way too high!
Before I get too far ahead of myself here are pictures of the car with and without the shackles on the rear springs.



You might think that looks a little high in the back but these pictures were taken before I changed the front springs which had no bounce to them at all. Compare the pictures to the car from the movie below.




Also the tires that are on my car are wore out 14 inchers. They needed to be replaced since they were all bald and the rims were cracked. Since I needed to replace all the rims and tires I went ahead and got the ones I would need for the finished Interceptor!