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In the pictures below you see the car first with the Torino coil springs as installed the way they are made. TOO tall! So I took them out and cut one full coil off of each one. MUCH better! Even though it looks like the car is on the jack stand in the first picture it is not. I just pulled it out from under the car.



The rims that you see above I had custom made. They are basically a wagon wheel style but powder coated black which is not readily available. Also in order to move the rear wheels outward so that the fender flares would look correct I had the rear rims made with a custom back spacing, the distance from the mounting part of the rim to the inside edge.
The front rims are 15x7's with a standard backspacing and the rear rims are 15x8's with a 2" backspacing. Is this correct? I don't know. Exactly what the rims and tires are on the car in the movie, pertaining to sizes, is still a matter of debate.
The tires are BF Goodrich Radial TA's, the same model as the ones on the movie car though about a 4th generation design. My front ones are 215/60R15's and the rears are 235/60R15's. Again this is still open to conjecture and many replicas have 295 wide tires on the rear and 245's on the front. I will know better how my car will look after the fender flares are on.


The rims that were on the movie car are called Sunraysia. They look similar to the wagon wheels but had more prominent "spokes" that had sharp corners where they met the hub and the rim. This causes cracks in the sharp corners and that is the reason for that design to be discontinued. They are not impossible to get though.