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Below are pictures I took of my car in our local park. This is basically the state it was in as I drove it around this summer (2005). Everywhere I went the car turned the heads of drivers around me as well as pedestrians. First seems to be the confusion of not quite being able to identify the car. Then they notice that there is no least not on the left side of the car. I get asked a LOT of questions anywhere I go with the car. Some ask if I put the steering wheel on the right side myself. Other questions include...
  • What kind of car is that?
  • Is it legal to drive it that way?
  • How long does it take to learn to drive it that way?
  • "Hey, nice Javelin, Mustang, Torino, Charger! "(Pick one)

And my favorite......"Hey, is that from Canada?". For anyone that may not know, and evidently there are those that don't, our friends in Canada drive on the right side of the road with cars built like our's, steering wheel on the left, just like we do.







Here is a picture of my car at a local cruise. The first cruise I took it to I couldn't even get backed into a parking space before I had a crowd of about 15 people around the car!