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"She's the last of the V-8's, she sucks nitro! ....phase four heads, twin overhead cams, 600 horsepower through the wheels, with the blower.....she's  meanness put to music and the bitch is born to run!"


If you are not familiar with the Mad Max Interceptor then welcome to an unknown world. The words above are spoken by a mechanic describing the hotrod Interceptor that he built. The Movie is Mad Max. It was filmed in Australia in 1979 and starred a new actor by the name of Mel Gibson. It was Mel's second major film and first international film. He was only 21 years old at the time. The film was released in 1980 and became an action film phenomena.
But this section is not about the movie. This section is about the car. Click Here for information about the movie.
In the script it was only billed as the "Black on Black" due to the paint scheme the car had; gloss black body with satin black accents. The car was a 1973 Australian Ford XB Falcon GT. This car was referred to as The Great Australian Road Car. The body style at the time was designed to win races as the rear inner fenderwells were designed to accomodate 10" wide rims. The GT came from the factory with 4 wheel disc brakes. The engine was a 300 horsepower 351 Cleveland engine. Behind it was a Ford Toploader transmission and 9" rear end.


But wait, that car doesn't look just like the one in the first picture. That's because the body was modified for the movie. The changes included a new nose, fender flares, and a trunk and roof spoiler. The sources of these parts were manufacturers of custom fiberglass body kits in Australia at the time. The roof spoiler is believed to be a custom piece though especially made for the movie car. For extensive information on these body pieces check out . In the picture below is a car that was on the advertisement for the manufacturer of the nose which has since gone out of business.