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In this picture you see the reveal of the car in the movie. It is somewhat of a tease because you don't quite get to see the whole car. The black paintjob and the blower certainly do make an impact though.  
When I saw this movie in 1980 I had never seen a scoop like the one on the blower on this car. Oddly enough I never saw it again until 2003! It is a component of the fuel injection that rests on top of the blower. It was designed and manufactured by Mel Scott for drag racing. It was a mechanical fuel injection set-up.
In the movie the blower and fuel injection was fake! Though you see the blower running it is not assembled to operate on the engine. The fuel injection was not used either. The whole apperatus was situated above a carburetor that is hidden in the shadows in the above shot.


In this picture you see the car for the first time in the movie. It roars out and past the camera. This begins the rein of the Interceptor in the movie.