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This is the first picture I saw of my car after I was called and told "I think we've got your car". Of course I was very excited but I was waiting for the inspection report and pictures to see if it was what I wanted in a base car. Luckily it was.


Not perfect but it is what I needed. I did not have the money to afford the exact car I needed ( XB Falcon GT) so this was going to do just fine. It had the all important correct arm rests for the Interceptor. I had expected to need to re-apholster the interior anyways. It does have full GT instrumentation though.
The  car is actually a 1972 XA Fairmont with 1973 XB Falcon front clip, grill, tail lights, doors (handle recesses are different), and a GT dash. As far as I am concerned it has what I was hoping to get for a base car. It has a 351 Cleveland engine, Toploader 4-speed transmission, and a 9" rear end.



The gauges are currently metric. They are not original to this car because in 1972 Australia hadn't completely converted to the metric system yet and cars were still gauged in the english system. Though you can't see it the oil pressure is in kPa which is "kilopascals" which is the metric measurement for pressure. Besides the temp gauge on the dash which just has a "Low" and "High" indication there is an aftermarket gauge that is in the console and it reads in "celcius". There are also dash lights for the alternator, brakes, and seatbelt.

Here is a small list of places where you can get one of these cars brought over.

So what was one of the major determining factors in my decision to purchase this particular car? Click "Next" below to find out!