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In 1980 I was 16 years old. I couldn't wait to see Mad Max after having seen the previews for it on TV. I was just getting into cars and this was the kind of movie I was looking for. I didn't really understand at the time what the movie was about before I saw it, I just knew there were fast hotrods!
Not knowing that the movie was filmed in Australia I was not expecting the steering wheels in the cars to be on the right side of the car instead of the left. This was odd so I thought all these cars were specially made for the film and I figured it was just part of the story. I tried to identify the cars but couldn't put my finger on them. Then I wondered about just how they got the steering wheel on the other side.
Another curious thing was that the hotrods were 4-door sedans. It didn't occur to me that they were cop cars so of course they would have 4 doors, but I just never thought of a 4-door hotrod. In the US that was practically unheard of.


The movie starts right out with a blazing chase scene! The poor car in the picture above keeps meeting with objects during the pursuit but it always restarts and takes off after the bad guy again. The car has already hit a sign post which mangled the hood so bad one of the officers ripped it off the car to keep going. Now it has collided with a van at full pursuit speed, obliterating the van and smashing the front of the police car to the point you see above. However it starts up once again and it is reversing in the picture above in order to turn around in the correct direction of the pursuit!


A close-up of the same car now in hot pursuit! It rattles, smokes and clanks it's way down the road after the bad guy, in this case one going by the name of "The Night Rider". It is kind of comical at this point that these two police officers are trying to catch this guy in a heap that can barely stay together. One of the officers wants to stop the pursuit because of the danger to bystanders as well as the condition of their vehicle. The officer driving the car just has a vandetta in catching the Night Rider and retaliates against his partner vocally and physically while driving the car. Unfortunately there is a problem ahead........