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In the most dramatic car crash I have ever seen, not to mention the most ambitious one, the car crashes through a camper trailer that stalled across the road minutes earlier! I had never seen anything like this, and neither had most all of the other viewers. This seemed to let us all know that this movie was going to be something special. Well, this along with another dramatic scene that the director George Miller was teasing us with.
One of the police cars chasing The Night Rider had the word "Pursuit" written across the back in bold lettering ......


....the other car had "Interceptor" written across the back of it, however it blew smoke out the exhaust and didn't have a performance hood.


During the chase scene you get glimpses of another officer with another car. This is the tease. You know there is something special about this character. There is a certain confident calmness while he listens to the whole matter going down on his police radio. He seems to be working on his car, or tuning it up.