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I got a beautiful pair of side flutes for the car. Other than a couple of the mounting pins missing on one flute they are perfect!


This AM radio is called a "Superfringe" radio. That is because it is built to pull in weak radio signals from the "fringe" areas of a radio station's broadcast range. This is not the same radio that is in the car in the movie. It is either a cassette or 8-track AM/FM factory stereo. You only see this on the screen for almost a second and can't really notice what it is unless you freeze frame the movie. Because of this I just wanted to have a factory radio in the dash, any radio. Also, I glass bead blasted the face plate and repainted it and it looks like new.


Here's some more parts for the blower including the pulley, the switch that mounts on the shifter to activate the blower, and the mounting bracket for the switch. If anyone needs these parts or information for their project the man to see is Doug at this website ------> Mad Max Switch


The next item I machined myself!