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Take a close look at the picture below. Notice anything besides there is a scrape and some dents on the quarter panel?


Still not sure what my point is? Ok, look at it some more in this next picture and see if you get what I am talking about.


Maybe you figured it out. Where this damage is at is on the widest part of the quarter panel (the "hips" the car has) and close to the wheel opening. This is a highly typical spot for there to be repairs for things such as rust or previous damage. If this car had been repaired in this spot there would be body filler broken here and pieces falling off as well as places where the paint would be missing because of it falling with the broken body filler. Instead there is just a scrape in the paint and dents in........drumroll please.......original body sheetmetal! This told me that the car did not have the typical, or at the least extensive, rust or repair problems. This said "Solid Car" to me. Though there is some body work in the car I feel it is marginal and exceptional for a car that is 33 years old. We will see just how much there is as the project progresses.