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Though the front fenders are not perfect I am very happy with them! Nothing horrible here either is how I look at it. Here is the right front fender after removing it from the car, the underside where all the business happens.


At the front edge you see some surface rust, the rest underneath is dirt. At the bottom edge, just behind the wheel opening is an old repair and more serious rust. This will require cutting and welding. I will remove the old repair as well. I have found that there are repair pieces available both for the fender skin and the bottom of the support brace. I just need to get some feedback on what the quality is like on them before I buy them, otherwise I will need to fabricate my own pieces to weld in. This all could have been MUCH worse. 


Underneath the fender was more good news. I found two more old repairs that weren't so bad, though I will be replacing them as well. These pictures show the sill that the fender mounted too. It's in great shape!



Now we get to the cowl area. The Aussie Falcons have the same rust problem here as with the early Mustangs. Leaves and other debris fall into the cowl and block off drainage holes which then allows water to accumulate and cause rust. As shown earlier in the site there are rust holes going into the passenger compartment. I was concerned what I was going to find under the fender. Here's a picture of the old cowl repair. Other than that there is no external metal repairs needed on this side, other than some surface rust removal.