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XC Falcons
The XC Falcon saw a slight change to the grill and side turn signals. Where as the XA and XB had vertical bar turn signals on the sides of the fenders the XC's were changed to horizontal. A side turn signal was also added to the front fender. When building an Interceptor out of an XC those corrections have to be changed in the sheetmetal. You can see the horizontal turn signal in the picture below. The tail lights stayed the same.


Two grills were available. There was one with round headlights and one with rectangular. These are pictured below. The front bumper was also redesigned to a larger unit. The XC was introduced in 1976 and was built through 1978.



One intriguing thing that occured with the XC was the building of the Falcon Cobra. These were the last 400 units of this body style that were produced. Though it has the same snake and stripes as Shelby Mustangs in the USA there was no association with Carrol Shelby and the Falcon Cobra. These cars look just as stunning though. Since the GT was dropped for XC production due to emissions standards the Cobra was the only hope for serious performance oriented enthusiasts.



Even more to come!