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The directing in the movie was awesome! Wide angle lenses and dramatic low angle shots made the car very ominous. Close-ups were actual close-ups with the camera man strapped to a platform on the front or back of a truck while holding the camera sometimes almost within a foot or two of the vehicles. Meanwhile the road would be zipping past underneath at high speeds just inches away from the pavement!





It was during these moments that I knew this car had me. I couldn't find a thing wrong with it...except maybe for the gold lines on the headlight covers. But that was VERY easy to overlook as the rest of the car more than made up for that little short coming. This car had looks, presence, attitude, and power. A blower that you can switch on and off? How incredible is that! I now wished that I could some day own such a car but I knew it was going to be impossible because this was just a movie car and the thought of ever actually being able to have a car like this was unfathomable. Sigh.....well, at least I could watch the movie from time to time. I heard that video tapes that you could watch at home were coming out at the stores soon! Maybe this will be on video tape sometime?