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Finally the Night Rider crests the hill and this car takes off towards him head on. The Night Rider swerves and loses the chicken match and this car makes a sliding turn around to chase after him.



We learn this cop is different than the rest. His job seems to be to succeed where others fail. The Night Rider seems to understand his fate, he is not going to come out of this alive! The officer rams his car into the Night Rider's car. He will do anything to stop him. The hood scoops demonstrate that this police car has something that the others do not.



After the Night Rider meets his demise we see the driver of this car for the first time.....


It's a young energetic new actor, still in acting school, by the name of Mel Gibson. This is Mad Max, or soon will be. Max Rocketansky is his name. He is the MFP's (Main Force Patrol) best driver.